Jesus' church

Jesus’ Church

We have a wrong or an incomplete understanding of the church of Jesus Christ in the world.

The church (ekklēsia) formed in Christ is not a building.

We cannot go to church.

In the West, not many want to go to church anymore.

The worldwide followers of Christ, yoked to Him, born again of the Holy Spirit, are Christ’s church.

It’s those who by faith have been identified with Jesus in His crucifixion, resurrection, and glorification.

It’s those who have publicly identified as Christ’s and those willing to be persecuted for being His.

The church in the world is Jesus’ living body.

It’s the very temple of God’s Holy Spirit.

It’s connected directly to God like Christ is connected to God!

It’s those who abide in Christ, the true vine, their gaze fixed on Him, not looking away.

It’s God’s royalty—the beloved family of God, God’s sons and daughters, His heirs!

It’s those who seek the interests of Jesus Christ rather than their own interests or the traditions of men.

It’s those doers of God’s words and of all of His will.

It’s those who have made Christ their Lord, doing what He said and what He showed His disciples to do.

It’s God’s royal priesthood—those who now welcome and serve all of mankind in Jesus’ name.

It’s those committed to be made like Christ by the refining fire of the indwelling Spirit.

It’s those quickened and growing up to bear the fruits of Christ’s own nature, especially agapē love.

It continues Christ’s ministry today, giving freely and generously as God has given to it.

It’s those who faithfully love God with all that they are.

It’s those who take responsibility to love their neighbors as they love themselves.

It’s those who act as Christ’s ambassadors—in His place.

It’s those who act as stewards of the gospel and the gift of God’s indwelling Spirit—in Christ’s place.

It’s those who take up their commission to make disciples, drawing in others to follow them as they follow Christ.

It’s those who seek to lift up Jesus Christ and to turn situations into glory and thanksgiving to God.

It is those who are the fellow workers of the living God.

It has what Christ has and does what Christ is doing.

It overcomes evil with good, never giving up, the gates of hell not prevailing against it.

It has the beautiful diversity of all of the nations of the world.

It is both seated with Him in heavenly places and walking through the world in multiplied form.

It’s the instrument through which the kingdom and the dominion of God has come.

Having been called out into public places, it gets up, goes out, and uses what God gave it!

It’s Christ’s beloved, spotless bride for which His body was broken and His blood was shed.

It’s the place where we belong and are made whole.

We cannot be alive in Christ without being members of this church—this living, active, sacred body.

Since you are in Christ, you are the church.

The most precious thing to God is His church.

All Christ wants from us is EVERYTHING.